From researching critically endangered primates, to monitoring west African populations of hippopotamus or even discovering a new species of shark, your students will delve into the African bush knowing they are contributing to the conservation of some of the world’s rarest animals.

What to expect?

For over 20 years we have specialised in formulating ‘world class’ inspirational field trips to The Gambia. We pride ourselves in giving students the opportunity to gain real-life, hands-on conservation experience with leading wildlife conservation professionals, where they are able to live and breathe the social, economic, physical and emotional challenges conservationists encounter.


They will develop a range of skills necessary for a career working in wildlife conservation, understand the threats climate change has on ecosystem function and how they will be the generation leading the way to restore habitats, mitigate human-wildlife conflict and recover species from the brink of extinction. 

Our field trips to the Gambia are planned and prepared bespoke, to meet the requirements of you and your students. Please get in touch and we will happily work to create the most awe-inspiring expedition which is both inspirational, educational and with a huge conservation impact.

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