7 or 10 days

Our bespoke wildlife tours are suitable for all and provide you with an introduction to all of the main habitats found in this incredibly diverse country, maximising your chances of seeing the widest range of species possible.


Our personal connections at the community level and the experience of our staff and partners' means we can encounter things no other tour can offer and explain them clearly and knowledgeably.  From the hippos of our boat trips to the baboons of our safaris and the turtles and sharks of our beach days, every day is packed with new highlights and issues to discuss. 


Although, even repeat visitors will be wowed by the highlights our expert, but friendly, guides can provide.  Every day we’ll be accompanied by British Zoologists and Gambian experts on the habitats we are to visit.


What to expect 

Our tours in the Gambia are a life-changing experience, which we can assure you, you won’t get anywhere else.

Just visiting makes a huge difference as the sight of tourists at wildlife sites helps to highlight to locals that "their" forests and wildlife is important and that there is more value in preserving them than over-exploiting them.

You will also experience the vibrant West-African culture and a vast variety of food to choose from - catering for everybody.



Our wildlife tours range from 7 to 10 days with the additional 3 days including an excursion upriver (10-day tour only available between November - February due to increasing temperatures upriver). 


It’s always fun to welcome new faces to The Gambia!  After the flight from the UK, often departing in grey, cold conditions, the explosion of heat, bright sunlight, vivid colours, and huge smiles can be a lot to take in.

After arriving at the hotel we will head out for an evening walk along the beach, dipping our toes in the warm, tropical Atlantic as lines of egrets head to roost as the sun dips into the horizon. We’ll beachcomb as we walk while keeping our eyes on the tropical forest at the back of the beach. If we’re lucky, monkeys may be seen from the beach and distinctly tropical species will call from the edge of the jungle, including the bizarre palm-nut vulture, Senegal coucal, and little bee-eater. By the end of the walk, the sun will be gone and bats come out to forage along the forest edge.

DAY 1:



wildlife tour costs and dates

Our 7-day wildlife tours cost £750 and are available all year round whilst our 10-day wildlife tours cost £850 and are available November - February due to the increasing temperatures inland (where the 3 additional days are spent). These costs include accommodation, a hearty breakfast,  park admission fees, guide fees and group transport in The Gambia. Prices do not include flights, find out more.

Specialist trips can also be prepared; for example, herpetology focused tours would take place during the wet season to optimise sightings of amphibians.

We currently have two tour dates planned:

  • 3rd-week November 2021 (10 days)*

  • 2nd or 3rd-week January 2022 (10 days)* 

*Limited availability.

These are our current planned tours although further trips can be arranged - please enquire for additional dates. Dates are subject to change.


Please complete our contact form or email us at admin@projectwildgambia.com for any enquiries or further information.

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