volunteers wanted

Dedicated, enthusiastic volunteers to collect data on some of

the world’s rarest animals


Applications are invited for team members to join our conservation research expeditions in 2019/20.

Project Wild Gambia offers an experience like no other. You will delve into the heart of sub-Saharan Africa, encounter species from Hippopotamus to Atlantic humpback dolphins and will assist qualified zoologists with their pioneering research and conservation of some of the world’s most critically endangered species. 

What to expect?

As a volunteer field researcher, you'll spend your days assisting leading zoologists and wildlife biologists, developing your species knowledge, tracking skills, surveying techniques, wildlife monitoring and all while exploring the untamed wilderness of Africa. Whether you're just looking for a more adventurous experience to learn about Africa's wildlife, taking the next step in your career or wanting to gain valuable work experience, this is the project for you.


By volunteering you will be contributing to the highest standard of scientific research, which has made a huge impact on the preservation and recovery of species populations in this ever- growing human- dominated world. The work we Project Wild Gambia and participants (YOU)  achieve is published in scientific journals and contributes toward the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). “This is real science, which you will be involved in”.


The expeditions include a week visiting the country’s key conservation sites, studying the complex issues involved and training in species identification.  This week is vital to understand the background to the data collection, develop skills and acclimatise to African conditions before data collection.

All data collection will be performed under individual permits from The Gambia’s conservation agency and main conservation NGO.  In turn, they will provide experienced staff to accompany us and use the permit fees to support their conservation efforts throughout The Gambia.

Following our recent research which has added vital information on the key conservation species in The Gambia we seek to further research the following during our expeditions

  • Atlantic Humpback Dolphin (Critically Endangered)

  • Temminck’s  Red Colobus Monkey (Critically Endangered)

  • Hooded Vulture (Critically Endangered)

  • West African Dwarf Crocodile (Believed extinct in The Gambia until we rediscovered it)

  • Sharks, rays and guitarfish (including the world’s rarest animal species, potential new species and several Critically Endangered species).


Our volunteer research assistant costs start from;

GBP 479 | EUR 522 | AUD 845 | USD 582 per week


What's Included?



In-country transport (including Landrovers and boats)

Research Permits and Park Entrance Fees

Guide Fees

PLEASE NOTE: Costs do not include lunch and dinner or the cost of flights (but we will collect you from the airport). 


Our team will assist you throughout the booking process and are happy to advise on flights..

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