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Our projects tackle the key issues threatening wildlife of the Gambia

Our mission

Project Wild Gambia manages a plethora of field projects that allows us and other zoologists, wildlife biologists and conservationists to address critical issues diminishing local wildlife populations. We have rediscovered several species, increased the known population of an endangered primate by 24% and contributed to numerous significant scientific publishings over the years. 

We are working behind the scenes on additional inspiring projects, all directly benefitting the wildlife and local communities of The Gambia. If you're interested in being involved, join one of our open-group research expeditions or if you're academic staff, arrange a fieldcourse for your students. 

Ongoing Projects


Turtle Headstarting Facility

Endangered green turtle headstarting facility, translocations, night time patrols, and nesting surveys.


future of herpetology

Our plans to strengthen conservation research and initiatives for amphibians and reptiles.

Phil at fisheries.jpg

Elasmobranch Fisheries

Collect crucial data at the fisheries to aid ongoing data sets and learn about Critically Endangered rays and sharks.


Trail Camera Studies

Add to our trail cam data (over a decades worth!) and see what species we can discover!

Dwarf Crocodile Translocations

Vulnerable West African drawf crocodile night-time surveys, translocations and headstarting facility.


Atlantic Humpback Dolphin Surveys

Join us surveying Critically Endangered Atlantic humpback dolphins!


Temminck's red Colobus

Conduct Critically Endangered TRC surveys with us and learn about what we have achieved so far for this primate.


Pirang-Bonto Forest

Learn about the work we have carried out in one of the countries largest, protected gallery forests.

How Can You Help

You can support our conservation work by getting onboard and joining one of our research expeditions (open-group) or organising your own academic fieldcourse (for academic professionals).

By joining our annual Marine Research Expedition, or in turn, any other upcoming expedition, whereby these projects are still funded, you will be directly contributing to the conservation and research of endangered green turtles in The Gambia.

if you're interested in finding out about other upcoming expeditions, please subscribe below. 

Alternatively, you can donate to support our projects and in turn, support the local communities in the Smiling Coast.

Be the first to know about our research expeditions!

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