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RESEARCH expeditionS

14 days plus extension


Marine Research Expedition

23 August - 06 September 24

1200 plus flights*

Join us on our annual marine research expedition and conduct critically endangered Atlantic humpback dolphin surveys, endangered green turtle surveys and headstarting, and receive certificated marine medic mammal training from our Marine Species Lead and Marine Biologist plus much more!

*Excluding lunch, please read our information handbook for more details.


The Journey of a Lifetime!

An expedition is defined as a journey undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of research, and our Project Wild Gambia team delivers precisely that. 

Our 2 week conservation research expeditions are suitable for all individuals with an interest and passion for wildlife; whether you are a budding conservationist with little to no experience, or an experienced professional, we can guarantee our research expeditions will have a lot to offer you!

We pride ourselves in allowing individuals to gain real-life, hands-on conservation experience with leading professionals, where they can live and breathe the social, economic, physical and emotional challenges conservationists encounter.


During your expedition, you will delve into the African bush and/or sea and be presented with unique research projects. Our projects are constantly evolving as new issues arise in The Gambia and we aim to conserve the most threatened species in-country. 


You will gain a new understanding of the threats climate change and exploitation has on ecosystem function and a new urgency for encouraging the restoration of habitats, mitigation of human-wildlife conflict and recovery of species from the brink of extinction.

And, it goes without saying but you will have a lot of fun as we live by our 'work hard, play hard' motto!

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