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OUR wild Team

Get to know our small, close-knit team and our partners from the UK and The Gambia brought together in our mission to study and conserve The Gambia's wildlife.


Marine Biologist and Species Lead

Sarah Neill

Sarah is our marine biologist with extensive experience in surveying marine mammals. A qualified scientific diver and co-leader of the research program for Sea Women Expeditions focusing on the behaviour of killer whales in the High Arctic. An expert in the rescue and rehabilitation of marine life and is a regional coordinator for both the British Divers Marine Life Rescue and Sea Watch Foundation. 


Primatologist and Species Lead

Rebecca Sweet

Rebecca is our skillful primatologist with plenty of experience studying threatened monkeys and apes around the world, including our Temminck's red colobus research since 2016. Rebecca is also a coordinator for the Mountain Marmoset Conservation Program and works with the Long-Tailed Macaque Project. She holds a degree in Conservation Science and an MSc in Primate Conservation.  


Field Expeditions Manager

Ismailia Colley

Ismaila has been a part of our core team for many years and helps  manage the logistics of our trips. He is also our extremely knowledgeable field guide and specialises in ornithology whilst helping with a range of our ongoing research projects.


Research Support and Field Guide

Mariama Sanneh

Mariama is our research support and field guide who specialises in botany. Mariama is currently helping with our Nyamina community forest project.


Conservation Officer at Pirango-Bonto

Kawsu Gibba

Kawsu is the warden and conservation officer at Pirang-Bonto forest and a keen ornithologist. We liaise with Kawsu regarding all conservation implementations within the forest and he is also responsible for managing our tree nursery. 


Logistics and Operations Manager

Abou Saidy

Abou is responsible for the logistics of our trips, especially organising and arranging transport, and seems to always make the impossible happen when we request locations in remote, rural areas to do research!


Director and Head of Research

Dr Roy Armstrong

Roy founded Project Wild Gambia over 2 decades ago. His mission is to continue conservation that encourages ecotourism initatives therefore alleviating poverty in-country. He is a leading ornithologist and has publications across a suite of species. 

Cam trapping_edited.png

Programme Coordinator and Zoologist

Caitlin Henderson

Caitlin has been part of our core team for almost 5 years now.  She will be hosting our long-term placement programmes and is particularly interested in specialising in herpetology and is collaborating with leading herpetologists in the field.


Programme Coordinator and Zoologist

Emily Almond

Emily is a British Ecologist and Zoologist by trade with an interest in tropical biodiversity, having worked in The Gambia, Sri Lanka and Australia. She is particularly interested in mammals (especially genets, paper in situ) and reptiles with a specific interest in turtles and snakes.


WABSA Logo.jpg

West African Bird Study Association

We have a close working relationship with the West African Bird Study Association (WABSA) and their director, Lamin Jobaate. We share data and donate field equipment such as binoculars and scopes. If you have any field equipment you would like to donate, please email


Communities 4 red colobus

Communities for Red Colobus Project (C4RC) is now a spin off project from our colobus work focusing on the ecology and conservation of these endangered monkeys. Data we collect is shared with C4RC to aid their ongoing monitoring.  

Gunjur Project.jpg

Gunjur Project

Gunjur Project is an organisation led by a British family focusing on humanitarian projects. In their welcoming space they host workshops and fundraisers for the local communities poisitively inspiring the Gunjur area.


University of The Gambia

PWG and UoTG are working together to promote and grow The Conservation Society for young, budding conservationists to engage in field work and unique projects to help protect and enhance the habitats and wildlife within the country.


Young Wildlife Conservation Society

We support and contribute to the important education and practical work of the Young Wildlife Conservation group; a group of like-minded and dedicated students led by their passionate teacher and environmental activist, Baxzy Sanyang.


Fish The Gambia

PWG have began working alongside Fish The Gambia to align research with sport fishing.  There is a very exciting research project being set up in 2024. Watch this space!

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