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Annual Expedition

What to expect?

Our annual Marine research expedition immerses you in marine conservation of The Gambia. From Critically Endangered Atlantic humpback dolphins, sharks and rays, to Endangered green turtles, to certificated Marine Mammal Medic training, you will certainly see, do and learn a lot!

We continuously build upon previous years' work and findings and strengthen our projects to support conservation and local communities. 

Your expedition will be well balanced between work and play. After days of unique research and data collection, your evenings will be spent with your group taking part in dance lessons, beach bonfires, turtle night patrol surveys, djembe lessons and much more!

Dates and coSTS

23 August - 06 September 2024

£1200 per person; this includes accommodation with freshly cooked breakfast and dinner, in-country transport, research permits, and guide fees.

Flights are separate and are to be booked by the individual. Current flight prices typically range from £550-£850 for UK return tickets. You can also ask one of our team for their flight itinerary and fly with them if it suits!

Example Itinerary


It’s always fun to welcome new faces to The Gambia! After the flight from the UK, often departing in grey, cold conditions, you will arrive to heat, sunlight, vivid colours and welcoming smiles!


After arriving at our base, we will head out for an evening walk along the beach, dipping our toes in the warm, tropical Atlantic as lines of egrets head to roost and the sun dips into the horizon. We will beachcomb as we walk while keeping our eyes on the tropical forest at the back of the beach. If we’re lucky, monkeys may be seen and distinctly tropical species will call from the edge of the jungle, including the palm-nut vulture, Senegal coucal and little bee-eater. By the end of our walk, the sun will be gone and bats come out to forage along the forest edge.

How to Book

Before you book your expedition, please ensure you have read our detailed information handbook concerning all information for your trip. You can read our information handbook here.

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Get to Know Before you Travel

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