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at the forefront of 
conservation research
in the gambia

our wild story

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We are celebrating more than 20 years of successful endangered species conservation in West Africa. During this time, Project Wild Gambia has contributed to the data collection, conservation, and research of some of the rarest animals through conservation expeditions, university field courses, and wildlife tours. As a by-product of our eco-tourism, we benefit the local people and the economy of The Gambia. 

We pride ourselves on contributing to the highest standard of scientific research, which has made a huge impact on the preservation and recovery of species populations in this human-dominated world. The work we and our participants achieve is published in scientific journals and contributes toward the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

We maintain strong relationships by working with The Gambia's Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) including The West African Bird Society Association (WABSA) and Communities for Red Colobus (C4RC) as well as University of The Gambia and local communities to conduct world-renowned research.

Dr. Roy Armstrong - Head of Research at Project Wild Gambia

“Our mission is to protect and conserve The Gambia’s wildlife while assisting the people and economy of The Gambia through the development of eco-tourism."

Dr. Roy Armstrong, PhD, Bsc (Hons) Zoology

Our Wild Story


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Get involved

Project Wild Gambia lets you experience some of the rarest wildlife within some of the most remote and breathtaking parts of The Gambia, a country that many aid organisations and charities have overlooked in the past. Joining us allows you to become totally immersed in West African culture whilst carrying out scientific research and meeting the people within local communities you're helping through your contributions.

wildlife cons tours
Wildlife Tours with Project Wild Gambia


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During our wildlife tours, you will be guided by British zoologists and Gambian experts in visiting all of the main habitats found in this incredibly diverse country, maximising your chances of seeing the widest range of species possible, with the option to extend your trip.


Our personal connections at the community level and our staff and partners' experience mean that we can experience things no other tours can offer and explain them clearly and knowledgeably regardless of your experience. From the hippos and chimpanzees of our boat trips to the warthogs and baboons of our safaris and the turtles and sharks of our beach days, every day is packed with new highlights and issues to discuss.

wildlife cons expeditions

placement  programmes

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We are delighted to announce that in addition to our research expeditions and university field courses, we are now offering short and long-term placement opportunities with full academic and field support for capable and dedicated students.​ 

EXPEDITIONS and field courses

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Conservation Expeditions with Project Wild Gambia

With over 20 years of experience studying The Gambia's wildlife and our involvement in conservation initiatives, we have specialised in formulating ‘world-class’ inspirational field trips to The Gambia. We pride ourselves in giving individuals, who are wanting to expand their skillset and contribute to the conservation of some of the world's rarest animals, the opportunity to gain real-life, hands-on experience with leading wildlife conservation professionals, where they can live and breathe the social, economic, physical and emotional challenges conservationists encounter.

During our bespoke conservation research expeditions and university field courses, you will delve into the African bush and be presented with unique opportunities and project involvement such as researching Critically Endangered primates, dwarf crocodiles, hippos, or even discovering a new species of shark! What are you waiting for?

why the gambia?
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why the gambia? 

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Although The Gambia is one of the smallest countries in West Africa, it is also one of the most biologically rich ecosystems on the African continent and is home to an array of diverse and spectacular flora and fauna. There is so much to learn about these species and their ecosystems; thus, current monitoring and surveying are crucial for their survival.  From Critically Endangered (CR) hooded vultures (Necrosyrtes monachus) to Temminck's red colobus (Piliocolobus badius temminckii), Atlantic humpback dolphins (Sousa teuszii), and the endemic Armitage's skink (Chalcides armitagei), your days will be packed with the wildest of wildlife. Beginning your day at the breakfast table with up to 12 Birds of Prey species passing by and the unknown of which species we will discover next. 


The Gambia is one of Africa’s last unspoilt countries with an endless coastline and towering gallery forests. Senegambia's bustling streets are packed with vibrant colours, and locals make the area deserving of the title the Smiling Coast. The accommodative locals have a saying that “nothing is impossible in The Gambia”, allowing you to make the most of each trip, organising difficult journeys to carry out our crucial research, otherwise impossible without their can-do attitude. As you're driven along chaotic dirt roads, children will run alongside the vehicle with excitement, taking any opportunity to talk and play with you.  The main strip has an abundance of live musicians for all to enjoy, encouraging you to dance and join them on the bongos. Everyone greets you with a warm, welcoming smile and cannot do enough for you whilst you’re there. You’ll be sure to feel at home in the Smiling Coast!

Our achievements so far 

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We have accomplished many successes for conservation over the years, and our projects have led to some huge findings. From our survey work almost doubling the known global population of one of the world's rarest primates to rediscovering species believed to be extinct in The Gambia. Our fisheries data has contributed to a major published paper and we will be supporting the Communities For Red Colobus (C4RC) project in their efforts including collaboration on the collection of survey data and support for tree nurseries.

our achievements
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"We've returned to Salford agreeing that it's been a highly successful running of the module this year. You have played such a big part in that!

We wanted to thank you for your hosting of our visit to The Gambia. A primary objective of the module is that students return happy and you've certainly achieved that for us. Our students loved their stay in The Gambia. Thank you for all your efforts. It was obvious you were both fully committed and working tirelessly to ensure things ran and that they ran smoothly for us. We really appreciate it. In addition, you took the time to get to know our students, making them totally comfortable with you and they appreciated your wisdom, advice and your friendship – as did we.

Lastly, we'd ask that you again please pass on our thanks to Ismailia (sorry if I've not got the spelling), Abou and indeed all of your Gambian team for taking such good care of us throughout."

Lecturer in Animal Cognition and Behaviour, University of Salford



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We are a small team with a huge impact, comprised of highly experienced zoologists, wildlife biologists, wildlife veterinarians, and our amazing partners working to protect The Gambia's incredible wildlife. 

our team
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