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Over the Years

What Has Our Research Contributed to?

Our project work has proved crucial for conservation over the years with some important findings for various species, from our survey work almost doubling the known global population of the world's rarest primates to rediscovering species believed to be extinct in The Gambia. Our fisheries data has contributed to a major published paper, and we will be supporting the Communities For Red Colobus (C4RC) project in their efforts, including collaboration on the collection of survey data and support for tree nurseries. Not only does Project Wild Gambia have many previous successes to share, but we are also working on many exciting, current, and upcoming projects of huge importance; join us to find out more and research with us. Below are some examples of our work from The Gambia:

Armstrong, R. and Nevin, O., 2005. Mediterranean monk seal off Ginak Island, The Gambia: a new sighting at the southern fringe of the known range. The Monachus Guardian, 8(2).

Hillyer, A., Armstrong, R. and Korstjens, A., 2015. Dry season drinking from terrestrial man-made watering holes in arboreal wild Temminck’s red colobus, The Gambia. Primate Biology, 2, pp.21-24.

Knauf, S., Gogarten, J.F., Schuenemann, V.J., De Nys, H.M., Düx, A., Strouhal, M., Mikalová, L., Bos, K.I., Armstrong, R., Batamuzi, E.K. and Chuma, I.S., 2017. African nonhuman primates are infected with the yaws bacterium Treponema pallidum subsp. pertenue. BioRxiv, p.135491.

Mayhew, M., Danzy-Cramer, J., Dittrich, A., Armstrong, R. and Fenton, L., 2020. A new hotspot for Temminck’s Red Colobus (Piliocolobus badius temminckii) in The Gambia: the feasibility of a community approach to conservation. Primate Conservation, 34.

Moore, A.B., Séret, B. and Armstrong, R., 2019. Risks to biodiversity and coastal livelihoods from artisanal elasmobranch fisheries in a Least Developed Country: The Gambia (West Africa). Biodiversity and Conservation, 28(6), pp.1431-1450.

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