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Academic field courses

14 days plus extension

What can we offer you?

We have been delivering highly successful academic field courses for over 20 years to a range of institutions (universities, colleges and sixth forms) around the UK. They are designed to give academic professionals the opportunity to offer students a field course without the hassle and stress of organising.


We will visit your institution and present to you and your students, we will then work with you to create a bespoke itinerary to meet your and your students needs (as they say in The Gambia, nothing is a problem!). 


Our field courses can be incorporated into a module and assessed via exam, presentation or assignment, or, can be offered as an extra-curricular activity during their course.


Staff Benefits

  • FREE staff partcipation with student groups of 12 or more. This is applied for additional staff as the group size increases. E.g. 36 students would allow for 3 staff members to join for free. 

  • If required, we can provide all of the teaching and tailor it to your programme/level.

  • Redacted paperwork e.g. tailored Risk Assessments to ensure smooth running during preparation of your trip.

  • Opportunity for research development and collaboration.

  • Increased retention and retainment of students.

Student Benefits

  • First hand experience for passionate students to conduct conservation work with Critically Endangered and Endangered species.

  • Enhancing applied research skills whilst contributing to real-world conservation issues.

  • Access to our library and databases relating to in-country research to produce a dissertation.

  • An enjoyable and secure introduction to West African wildlife as well as being culturally immersive whilst creating lifelong memories.

Example Itinerary


It’s always fun to welcome new faces to The Gambia! After the flight from the UK, often departing in grey, cold conditions, you will arrive to heat, sunlight, vivid colours and welcoming smiles!


After arriving at our base, we will head out for an evening walk along the beach, dipping our toes in the warm, tropical Atlantic as lines of egrets head to roost and the sun dips into the horizon. We will beachcomb as we walk while keeping our eyes on the tropical forest at the back of the beach. If we’re lucky, monkeys may be seen and distinctly tropical species will call from the edge of the jungle, including the palm-nut vulture, Senegal coucal and little bee-eater. By the end of our walk, the sun will be gone and bats come out to forage along the forest edge.

Dates and coSTS

You choose your own dates* (inside or outside of term-time).

Pricing from £950 per person**; this includes accommodation with meals, in-country transport, research permits, and guide fees.

Flights are separate and are to be booked by the institution or individuals. Current flight prices typically range from £550-£850 for UK return tickets.

*Dependent on availability. NB Field courses that are set up as their own module, or as part of a module, and therefore require annual trips, are guaranteed that the date of their trip is secured at the same or similar time each year.

**Prices range from £950-1200 depending on whether it is breakfast only or all meals included.

How To Sign Up

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Get to Know Before you Travel

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